General Info.

Eastern Carolina Vocational Center, Inc. (ECVC)
where ABILITIES overcome disabilities

ECVC, Inc. is a private not-for-profit corporation. We provide job training and employment services to persons with disabilities in Pitt and its surrounding counties in Eastern North Carolina. ECVC funds its mission through the manufacturing of picture/certificate frames and battery terminal lugs, battery packaging & distribution, custom framing and chair caning, and commingled recyclables sorting services. Our mission is to help persons with disabilities attain a higher quality of life through the achievement of their vocational goals. Our Vision is to be the following:

* A company that recognizes that our most important customer is the person whose life is changed by what we do – the person we serve

* A model of excellence in vocational services and supports to help those we serve achieve their desired employment goals

* An innovative, successful, and self-sufficient business that provides the resources to achieve our mission

* The vendor of choice in the markets we serve

* A premier employer of persons with disabilities in our community

Eastern Carolina Vocational Center, Inc. (ECVC, Inc.)
PO Box 1686 2100
N. Greene Street
Greenville, NC 27835
(888) 460-7208 toll free
(252) 758-1220 local or